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Teahupo’o Du Ciel – Nothing Like A Perfect View! {VIDEO}


Mix together a drone and Teahupo’o, what do you get?

Teahupo’o Du Ciel – the best view of the twisted Tahitian reef’s hydrodynamics! Du Ciel translates to ‘from the sky’ in French, and this video is a splendid coverage of Teahupo’o from the sky, brought to you by Brent Bielmann and Eric Sterman’s finest drone work.

Teahupo’o From the Sky and The Beautiful Waves From the Ocean

Teahupo’o Du Ciel gives you the entire seas and surfing world at its finest. You are bound to realize you haven’t seen anything yet in this lifetime, that’s how striking it is! You’ve got to stop whatever you’re working on and immerse yourself in this video to truly appreciate it. Small and huge, swirling waves, surfers and their boards, great background music- it’s utterly impressive and you just can’t miss it.

Get ready to watch and witness Teahupo’o in Tahiti, French Polynesia at its best here in this great clip!

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